8 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Colder Temperatures

A chill in the air and the colorful foliage hints that fall is here, and winter is near. You will need to take several steps in the coming weeks to prepare for cooler temperatures. If your home is not properly prepped for winter months, colder temperatures could result in higher power bills, drafty rooms in your home, or even permanent damage to your structure. While it may seem like a burden to winterize your home now, taking a few simple steps each weekend for the next month or two will save you time and money in the long run. We’ve put together a simple checklist for your reference.

Winter-Ready Checklist

1. Rake exterior leaves and discard them.

2. Report to your property manager if your roof, gutters, and/or downspouts need to be cleared of foliage and debris.

3. Ensure that your chimney damper is closed tightly as to not let in cold air.

4. Drain all water hoses for the season and store them away.

5. Leave faucets dripping slightly and keep cabinet doors under the sink open during freezing temperatures.

6. Be sure to change your furnace filters once a month.

7. Replace home water filtration filters.

8. It’s also a good time to test your smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.