Compare Listings

Aggressive marketing.
• Weekend showings available
• Online marketing (Facebook, website, etc.)
• Signage
• Multiple Listing Service
• All-inclusive fees
• No 24-hour showing notice requirements*
*Please note some occupied properties require notice.

Thorough tenant screening.
• Access current data from Experian credit bureaus
• Ensure compliance with relevant Fair Housing and Fair Credit laws
• Eviction search
• Fraud search
• Nationwide criminal search including sex offender check

Rent collection.
• On-line collection
• Balance owed notices
• Weekly rent roll reviews

Specialized legal counsel.
• Eviction specialists
• Collection and judgment services

Move-in and move-out management.
• Online documented conditions for tenants both during the move-in and move-out process including written documentation and photos

Maintenance management.
• Online maintenance requests available 24 hours a day
• Licensed/Bonded professional vendors
• Discounted maintenance fees when preferred vendors are used
• Everyday maintenance hotline available 24/7

All-inclusive fees.
• No nickel and diming charge-by-charge
• Transparent fee structure and monthly documentation
• Marketing fees are included

Online owner portal.
• View statements and reports anytime
• Access to applicable maintenance records and invoices
• Automatic notification of maintenance requests

Owner payments.
• Fast processing – normally less than 30 days
• Paper Check or ACH payment options
• Monthly and annual statements

Our Online System

Manage your account. Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7 access.

Owner Statements.
Copies of all your statements are available on-line for your review.

Open work orders, income, and expenses are posted in your portal.

Pertinent documents will be posted for your convenience.

Any invoices we have received for your property will be uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

The better condition that a property is in, the better quality tenant it will attract. Your property must be offered in a professionally cleaned condition. Your property manager prefers to arrange this cleaning to ensure that the cleaning guidelines are strictly followed. The carpets must be freshly and professionally cleaned, and all debris and personal belongings should be removed from the house. There should be no items stored in the property, including attics, basements, storage areas, etc. It is not always necessary to paint, but any room that has dirty or marred walls, ceilings, or trim should be painted. A neutral color for paint, wall coverings, and carpet is best. In addition, neutral window coverings should be placed on the windows for privacy. We recommend that you leave a washer and dryer and all kitchen appliances, including stove and refrigerator. We also recommend cable-ready capability. Additionally, the locks should be re-keyed to our master system prior to new tenants taking occupancy.

All rental homes must comply with the Tennessee Housing Codes Healthy Homes Provisions. If while under management by VillagePM a property is required to be brought to codes standards, we will be required to make necessary repairs.

Your property will be put on our list of available properties. This list is shared with the relocation departments of real estate companies, corporations, and employers in the Nashville area. We will place a sign in the yard of your property upon your request. Some property owners prefer not to have a sign in the yard, but often times a sign allows people who are looking to live in a certain area the ability to know that the property is available. We also list your vacancies on the internet through our website and several other listing websites. There are no guarantees as to how long it will take a property to lease. Many factors should be considered, such as condition and location of the property, school districts, time of the year, rent range, etc.

When a prospective tenant submits an application, he or she must also submit an application fee, which is used to process the application through a credit verification service. Once the application is approved and the lease is signed, the security deposit, which is typically equal to one month’s rent, is due. At the time the tenant moves in, one month’s rent is paid in advance. Even if the tenant moves into the property mid-month, one month’s rent is required, and we will then pro-rate the second month’s rent. The security deposit is held in a security deposit trust account.

We want to obtain quality tenants for you; therefore, we use a complete tenant screening service to secure a thorough credit check (at no cost to you) before each lease is signed. This includes checking credit history, bank references, monthly income and public records for bankruptcies, judgments and liens. A criminal history check (including sexual offenses) is also run on each applicant.

Your tenant’s rent payment is due following the close of the month, by the 15th of the following month. However, in most cases we advance funds to you within 7 days of receipt. Allow 3 to 5 days for electronic funds to clear your account.

The rent is due on the first of each month and considered late after the sixth. The five extra days allowed are required by The Tennessee Landlord and Tenant Act*. Most tenants pay their rent by the sixth of the month. If the rent is not paid by the sixth, tenants are sent a late notice reminder on the seventh of the month. A 10% (of total rent amount due) late fee will be incurred for every day the rent payment is late. If the tenant doesn’t pay or does not contact us with an acceptable payment plan, we will send a final late notice on the seventeenth of the month. If the tenant still does not pay toward the end of the month, we will contact you and ask for approval to begin eviction proceedings.

*Excludes holidays.

Pets and smokers are not protected classes under the Federal Fair Housing Law. However, by eliminating these, you are also eliminating a good percentage of the people in the market looking for rental property. For our owners who do allow pets, our pet fees vary and are refundable unless noted. Additional non-refundable fees or refundable deposits may also be charged. For owners who wish to prohibit pets, we will advertise and lease the house with a “no pets allowed” provision. Please also be aware that while we can classify a property as “no pets allowed” or “non-smoking,” it is not possible for this to be monitored on a daily basis. The Federal Fair Housing Law states that there shall be no discrimination against any applicant for housing on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, or handicapped status. Village PM supports and promotes this Fair Housing Doctrine to its fullest extent. Children are considered a protected class of “familial status”, and it is not lawful to discriminate in this way.

Unless specifically negotiated otherwise:

  1. If Tenant terminates this Lease in the first six (6) months of occupancy, he/she agrees to give thirty (30) days notice and pay two (2) additional months rent as liquidated damages.
  2. If Tenant terminates after the first six (6) months of occupancy, he/she agrees to give thirty (30) days notice and pay one (1) additional month rent.

In the event of early termination, as additional liquidated damages, Tenant shall forfeit the security deposit.

When a new owner signs up with Village PM, he/she is assigned a property manager. This property manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the property or properties. In addition, the maintenance manager dispatches and oversees routine and emergency situations.

We have licensed real estate agents who provide professional leasing assistance. Our lockbox system allows licensed professionals, other than those in our office, to show our properties.

We use a variety of outside contractors or vendors depending on the maintenance needs. We have a long list of requirements and expectations for our contractors. Our repair vendors offer quality work at competitive prices. Under most routine and emergency situations, we will use our own vendors to complete the work. We require online/written work requests for all non-emergency items. If it is a repair essential to the maintenance or safety of the property and less than $400, the repair will be ordered, and you will see an entry for the payment of that bill on your next statement. If it is more than $400, your property manager will contact you for direction and/or approval, unless it is an emergency call or a safety issue which requires immediate action. You are billed exactly the amount of the vendor’s invoice; we do not charge anything extra for the supervision of these repairs. Most vendors give us a reduction in their rates because of the volume of work they receive from us. We pass that savings on to you. If a repair is over $400 and you wish to have your own contractor do the work, you may use your own contractor. However, you will need to be responsible for scheduling with the tenant and vendor and supervising the work and for direct payment to the vendor.


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans
  • Clean Stove Hood
  • Clean Appliance Interiors
  • Clean Appliance Exteriors
  • Clean Sinks & Faucets
  • Dust Items/Surfaces
  • Clean Counters
  • Window Ledges
  • Spot Clean Cabinets
  • Dust Base Boards
  • Dust Window Ledges
  • Vacuum/Sweep Floor
  • Wash Floor
  • Empty Wastebaskets
  • Dust inside drawers and cabinets
  • Dust all blinds


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans
  • Dust Items/Surfaces
  • Make Beds
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Light Switches
  • Dust Window Ledges
  • Interior Window Panes
  • Dust Base Boards
  • Vacuum/Sweep Floor
  • Empty Wastebaskets
  • Additional Bedrooms
  • Dust all blinds


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Light Fixtures/
  • Vent Fan Covers
  • Dust Items/Surfaces
  • Clean Vanity/Counter Tops
  • Sinks/Faucets/
  • Soap Dishes
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Spot Clean Vanity Front
  • Clean Toilet
  • Clean Shower/Tub
  • Dust Window Ledges
  • Clean Interior
  • Window Panes
  • Dust Base Boards
  • Sweep/Vacuum Floor
  • Wash Floor


  • Foyer
  • Halls
  • Living Room
  • Family Room
  • Dining Room
  • Den/Study


  • Vacuum/Sweep Stairs
  • Dust Banisters/Stair Rails


  • Change all burnt bulbs
  • Change air filters
  • Change any batteries of beeping smoke detectors